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DeathSpank game action games adventure leakage Tiew Purple Knights.

DeathSpank a genre Action-RPG with a mixture of the game Monkey Island with a touch of comic and game Diablo put the system to play the most similar to the game DeathSpank the fact that putting jokes in line with the colors within the game correctly. perfect. Every sentence of Knight DeathSpank character of the game are playing a joke, funny, ironic, sometimes sarcastic, but the conversation between the characters actually And not to compete with the sea and keep the issue of dialogue and mission of DeathSpank will always be looking for the precious relics called "antiques" (The Artifact).

Deathspank ตอนที่ 24 caves and a wizard

Deathspank ตอนที่ 25 termite's fix all

Deathspank ตอนที่ 26 me not getting it

Deathspank ตอนที่ 27 bone collecting

Deathspank ตอนที่ 28 I... euh found your brother

Deathspank ตอนที่ 29 killing the greems

Deathspank ตอนที่ 30 another queen greem and pet blinky

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